Respect for Office Fashion Bloggers

Everyday I read Cubicle Chic, The New Professional, and my friend Brooke’s blog Keep Fashion (along with a million other office related blogs.) I always like their outfits and think about my clothes and what I would wear to work. The thing is, I just work from home but someday I might have to get a real job again. So I decided to put together some outfits from my closet.

Turns out that I just died laughing the whole time.

A) My closet has a bunch of random stuff, not anything officially good for working.
B) How do you even take pictures of yourself that look good? I planned on cutting my head off so at least I didn’t have to worry about that part.
C) I hate camera settings
D) Every picture, the lighting looked different because I kept trying different things. That’s why every wall behind me is a different shade of blue.

So, this was a fun experience, but never again. Hats off to all those outfit blogs out there. It’s hard work! (I should also say that I know I have a pretty young looking style. Most of these outfits would not be appropriate for most offices)

{Top Outfits: Left- Boy’s Dickie Dress Shirt and a Thrifted Plaid Skirt. I know the school girl outfits are ridiculous but I still love and wear them. Right- My husbands dress shirt, thrifted belt, and cropped Gap pants. I like khakis, I like chambray shirts, and cropped pants }

{Left – Banana Republic Cardigan (from years ago), thrifted belt, and Gap Linen Skirt (used to be light blue but I died it maroon using iDyes.) Right- My 90s look. Thrifted lace top and polka dot skirt}

{Left – Thrifted Blazer/Jacket, Estate sale pink scarf, Banana Republic Black Corduroy Pants. Right – Boy’s Dickie Dress Shirt, Gap Sweater Vest, BR Skirt}

  • Love the sweater vest and the thrifted blazer!

  • Jerry Fair

    I think you should take a picture of the whole you… we want to see what our favorite office supply gal looks like!…:O)