sutorial: inspiration for the men’s office outfit

I know it’s summertime and all of these “outfits” (or whatever men would call them) probably sound like hot death. But fall is quickly approaching and cooler temperatures allow for layering and more exciting outfits.

I stumbled upon a great blog – Suitorial – which is written by Paolo & Philou. They are two European guys that seem to find the coolest shops and coolest clothes. I realize that I’m a girl so my favorite pics may not be relevant but I’ll tell you why I like each one and you can decide for yourself!

Sweater vests under blazers/suit jackets look really nice. I love the use of different neutrals and the pop of red. Are pocket squares worn by a lot of men? I don’t think I’ve really seen a lot of those happening but I like them, lots.

This outfit is a little too matchy for me but I like the green pants and the navy blue blazers. Dark/neutral colored blazers seem to calm down louder shirts and pants colors.

Favorite outfit. The classy office blue shirt and red pants! Ah, I love that he can pull off red pants. Great brown blazer too.

More pocket square use and great shoes

Floral pattern ties are really nice (beware the ones that look like they are from the 80s)

Pocket square with cream pants. This is a seriously classy look..not sure if it can be pulled off by every man.

A rainbow of ties! Ties should make your outfit look happy.

All the guys out there, give us your favorite items to wear to work!

–Thanks to Suitorial for all the great stuff!
–Find lots of great men’s suits on the Find!