The Holiday Office Party Outfit – Wear Green!

(Another guest post from our friend Beckie at Cubicle57!)

Hey Shoplet folks, nice to see you again! How was your Thanksgiving? Everyone looking forward to Christmakwanzika 2011? Anybody shopping for a new cute outfit to wear to the company all purpose holiday party because they don’t fit into anything in their current repertoire due to a slight blackout during the previous holiday involving pumpkin pie and/or potatoes? Or maybe you just can’t bear the thought of wearing your go to LBD one more year with that tired sparkly red sweater recycled from Gap Christmas 2002… Its ok, I’m guilty too. We’ll get through this together…

Whoa, thats a lot. Maybe a little much for my holiday party. But I LOVED the color and immediately begin scouring the internet for all the emerald green dresses and skirts out there this season. Below are my more classic (and more me picks). Hop to it, may your days be merry and bright!


About the writer:

Beckie is an administrative assistant by day, and a blogger on her lunch hour/nights/weekends. Visit her “at work” over at Cubicle57 where she documents her various methods of keeping sane when one types words and un-jams copiers for a living. SPOILER ALERT: It’s a lot of DIY projects, light crafting, internet finds, cat photos, amateur photography, and other fun bits and what-nots.