The Pregnancy Rubber Band Trick

I usually get excited about something related to office supplies everyday but this trick has probably made me the happiest of all. I had to run across my apt to show my husband I was so excited. I’m about 23 weeks pregnant and none of my pants fit! I tried to buy pants a little bigger to last longer during pregnancy and they just fall off of me. So I’m at the weird stage. Maternity clothes are huge and my normal clothes just don’t fit. With the rubber band trick you can still wear your old pants! You loop the rubber band around your button, pull it through the hole and then loop it around your button again. For those who like belly shirts and tight tops, this won’t work. You have to wear your baggier, longer tops with this trick.

Here are some longer tops (actually they are really short dresses) that are dressy enough for most offices –

(1) MiH Pie Crust Collar Cotton Tunic ; (2) ASOS T-Shirt Dress with Zip Back ;
(3) Whistles Corinna Shift Dress ; (4) TWO-TONE DRESS (5) RIB KNIT DRESS ; (6) DRESS WITH ELASTICATED WAIST

  • Grace

    haha I love that! I was thinking that yesterday! Why haven’t I done this when my pants have shrunk or when I bought them too small and had to give them away? Seriously the best trick.

    Thanks Beckie!

  • Grace, I am not pregnant and I have tried this trick :-/ Thanks for making it legit with the baby bump… BTW congrats!