The Sartorialist: Get Creative with Office Fashion

Today’s fashion post is for men and women. The Sartorialist is one of my favorite blogs to read because you get to see what people are actually wearing on the street (not just what fashion designers think we should be wearing), all over the world! Some of the outfits below were spotted in New York, some in Milan, some in Tokyo, and some in Sydney, Australia!

It’s time to start really thinking about what we wear to work and why we wear it? Does it make us look young? Does it make us look smart? Does it make us look exciting/interesting to talk to? Does it make us feel comfortable? Does it make us sweat or itch like crazy?

The outfits below are not guidelines, they are inspiration!

You can find lots of cute clothes for work at TheFind!

  • Great collection, but my office never use a formal uniform…

  • admin

    I couldn’t have said it better! Comfort makes you happier than style for sure

  • Great advice! I always choose clothes that are comfortable and then stylish. Never the other way around. Comfort is the key to great thinking and communication.