wear rain boots to work

Last year I was heading to work on a rainy day and I accidentally wore flats. My feet were soaked, my socks were soaked, and I just felt sad. So, I went to Daffy’s and bought some ok looking rain boots. Actually, less than okay. Why did I think a rain boot with a wedge was a good idea? Not only were they cheap (20 bucks) they felt cheap. They were heavy and miserable to wear. Ever since then I have sworn off rain boots.

Now I’m thinking that maybe if I spend a little more that I might really like rain boots! One of my friends has the Hunter Short Rain Boots and she said they are so comfortable, she even wears them to mow the lawn! I’m sold. Comfy/cute rain boots and dry feet sound awesome and I like the short ones too.

I also must mention that I realize the colors of these boots are plain but why would you spend $100 on a bright pink plaid boot that goes with one outfit? I believe an item like this must be able to go with many outfits.

Modcloth Strawberry Rain Galoshes

Urban Outfitter Boots – 1 & 2

Piperlime Boots

Tretorn Rubber Rain Boots

Vivienne Westwood Boots

Burberry Rain Boot

Hunter Short Rain Boots

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