Yay or Nay to TOMS in the Office?

Hey guys, it’s me, Beckie again. Sometimes on my own blog or twitter I like to get a little informal polling going on. Plus I want to get to know you, Shoplet readers. Let’s have a little comment ‘sesh hey? I promise to check back and reply and get my comment on too. It’ll be like an interactive thing. Which is my favorite part of blogging anyway, otherwise it’s much like staring at a flashing cursor and talking to yourself… tmi?

So today here’s the deal. What is your stance on TOM’s in the office? How far is too far with business casual? P.S. that’s me up there in an outfit I wear to the office on a regular basis. (I usually hate having my picture taken, but was obliging the bf).

I am super blessed to work in an office that thankfully for the most part has no interest in what I’m wearing. Just no denim and I try not to look ragged. Casually chic is basically what I aim for. I also get away with A LOT because I’m nice and friendly and quirky and my clothes tend to match my personality so I feel like nobody even notices my outfit.

Here’s a rundown of what I’m wearing up-top.

Shoes – TOMS:
Classic black canvas. I love them, they go with everything and are super comfortable of course. Bonus: now that it’s colder I’m rockin ‘em with my argyle socks and loving that too.

Pants – Gap:
These menswear subtle pinstripe ankle length pants feel really good right now, and are of course key for the sock feature.

Top – Urban Outfitters:
Got this mamajama on sale awhile back but who doesn’t love a horizontal striped sweater in a not too heavy knit?

Coat – Banana Republic:
The best splurge/investment I have ever made. A classic trench in a just right for me petite length & fit. Keep your eyes peeled online for 30-40% off for both Gap & B.R. specials and snatch up wear every day basics for a steal.

About the writer:

Beckie is an administrative assistant by day, and a blogger on her lunch hour/nights/weekends. Visit her “at work” over at Cubicle57 where she documents her various methods of keeping sane when one types words and un-jams copiers for a living. SPOILER ALERT: It’s a lot of DIY projects, light crafting, internet finds, cat photos, amateur photography, and other fun bits and what-nots.

  • Hey guys! So far we’ve got four yays and zero nays. Awesome. What are your go to TOMS? Classic canvas, glitter, tweed? Anyone sporting the fancy TOMS wedge?

  • Jeremy

    I see no problem with women wearing these in the workplace, but I definitely would not. “Mamajama” is such an interesting word, haha.

  • I wear mine in the workplace! Luckily, I work for an internet company and every day is casual, so I have the freedom to do so. They’re so comfy!!

  • Kim

    I wear TOMS in the office all the time…but I work at a tech startup :)

  • J

    What’s better than breezing about the office looking effortlessly fashionable? Or for that matter…what’s worse than stomping about looking painfully overdone. Mixing and matching the high and low end items is essential. Tom’s in the office rock when the rest of your outfit is poppin’ like yours. And let’s be honest, anyone who’s going to hassle you about your Tom’s need only be reminded about that little kid in Bangladesh who’s got shoes on his little feet now thanks to your fashion forward beneficence. Blammo! #tomsintheworkplace

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