Friday Fun: 10 Best Thanksgiving Tweets from the Table

10 Best Thanksgiving Tweets from the Table - FullsizeThanksgiving is the best time to gather together, sit down at the dinner table, and enjoy a meal with family to celebrate and show your appreciation for each other throughout the year. Dinnertime also comes with a few stressors, like finally having that longly-avoided conversation with that aunt or in-law, figuring out who is coming over or what everyone is bringing if you’re hosting, running around the house preparing for the actual meal, and the insane pressure to make sure everyone will have a good time and enjoy themselves. We can also expect, with social media conveniently accessed through apps on our mobile smartphones, for families to be sending out tweet updates on their current holiday situation.

We took it to Twitter this week to check out what everyone is thinking for the upcoming holiday. Get ready to laugh, because here are some of the best Thanksgiving tweets from the table!

1) We are grateful for a break from school. Holidays No School Tweet2) But then you realized things have changed and you’re no longer considered the “little” kid of the family anymore.
College Kid VS Little Kid
3) But life is still good because of FOOD, obviously.Holiday Excitement for Food
4) Even if we end up looking like this…Thanksgiving Cat - Stuffed5) Which we have come to accept.Sincerely Tumblr - Thanksgiving VS Christmas
6) Thanksgiving reminds us why we love catching up with our extended family.Making to-go plate
7) Some of us have prepared the perfect response… Thanksgiving Convo with Aunt
8) And other smart Tweeters have it all figured out.Thanksgiving Rent-a-Bae Package
9) Enjoy yourself, but remember safety first! Watch where you exit your chair!Home Alone - Chair Safety
10) Last but not least- this to summarize how much we loved the latter part of the year!Summer is great, but...

There is only T-6 days to go before Thanksgiving! Who’s excited? Let us know what you look forward to the most during this busy holiday season by leaving a comment below. You can also easily share your Thanksgiving tweets with us by tagging @Shoplet!