12 Phases of Going Back to School Starring the Family Dog

Back to school season is an exciting time. Fall is approaching and that means it’s time to do some shopping! Every kid loves a stash of fresh new school clothes, right? Not to mention the awesome school supplies to go along with it! Returning to school looking fresh for fall and getting to see all of your friends again after a long break is pretty awesome. But after all of the shopping excitement dies down, your kids begin to realize that going back to school also means homework, exams, projects and GASP- studying!!! Kids wear their emotions on their sleeves and have absolutely NO PROBLEM letting you know how unhappy they are with this new realization. Their responses can sometimes be so candid, they might remind you of another, more fuzzy family member. Say, the family dog perhaps? Who knows your kid better, right? Here’s a rundown of what you can expect on your first day back to school as told by the family dog.

1- It’s the first day of school and your kids are elated.










2- Getting them out of bed is a breeze…

3- They love all of their new gear. Especially new shooooeeees!!

4- But then they realize homework is on the way.










5- When they try to get you to reconsider this whole going to school thing.

6- Time to go! Don’t forget your lunch!












7- Getting your kid out of the house be like…

8- When your kid realizes it’s time to get out of the car and go to class

9- And you drive away like BYEEEE!












10- What an entire afternoon all to yourself feels like.

11- Picking your kid up at 3pm and realizing that maybe you should have kept up with their studies over the summer.

12- But there’s no better feeling than when your little ones come home after a long day at school!