5 Incredible Treats to Enjoy on National Dessert Day

Did you guys know that today is National Dessert Day!? That’s right, October 14th marks the day when we can all pig out on tasty sweets without feeling the guilt! (Okay, so maybe we should be a little reasonable and consume responsibly for health’s sake, but…) For most of us, dessert is a way of life. There is nothing like topping off a wonderful meal with something rich and decadent. So this week, we scoured the internet for the best syrupy, candy-coated, artfully sprinkled, and honeyed treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. Let’s set forth and feast, after all #DessertIsLife!

Feeling hungry? (We totally are!) So make sure to try some of these desserts today! Happy National Dessert Day everyone, from all of us at Shoplet.