6 Halloween Office Party Looks Sure to Make Em’ Scream!

Here at Shoplet we love Halloween. It’s the one day a year where you can dress up as a fairy princess, ghoulish monster or sport an ironic “this is my costume” tee shirt and get away with it. If you are like us, the office is the perfect place to have a little Halloween fun, so long as you keep it clean and in good taste. Choosing a costume can be tough. Are you not sure what to dress up as for your company Halloween gathering? What kinds of costumes are work appropriate, easy to do at your desk and won’t break the budget? We’ve rounded up a few ideas that are simple, great for almost any skill level and perfect for the office Halloween party!


Here are some fun behind the scenes clips of our super fun Halloween shoot! What are you guys planning to be this Halloween? Send us your costume ideas! We’d love to hear from you!

Behind the Scenes