Friday Fun: 6 Travel Accessories for the World Traveler

We know who you are. You spend your weekdays scouring over discounted flight deals and keeping tabs on rates to potential travel destinations, eagerly awaiting your next adventure. And as soon as the clock hits on that Friday evening, you are already out of the office heading to the airport with your duffle bag packed and tossed over your shoulder. Your weekends are spent away from the place you call home Monday to Friday. Sometimes that away means the next state over and other times it means you’ve crossed the seas. You live for these mini escapes to explore the world around you. In this week’s Friday Fun roundup, we’ve gathered some of the best travel accessories for the world traveler, you! So what are you waiting for? #AdventureAwaits

So where are you off to next? (And most importantly, what are you packing in your bag?) Tell us your travel plans by leaving a comment below!

You can also get ready for your next adventure with these travel-inspired office supplies!