Gobble, Gobble! 7 Fascinating Facts about the Turkey

When we think of Thanksgiving, our mouths can’t help but start to water. Don’t get us wrong; we totally understand that Thanksgiving is a time to show your appreciation to family, friends, loved ones, and anything of importance to you, but what better way to celebrate that than by enjoying a delicious meal together? It’s also a great opportunity to gather together and catch up with the extended family at our dinner table. Speaking of the dinner table… how many of you guys enjoy celebrating with turkey!? Turkeys have always been a traditional part of our Thanksgiving feast, forever engraved in our country’s history. But how much do you know about turkeys? Get ready to be amazed this November with these interesting facts about the turkey!

1) Wild turkeys can fly! Domesticated turkeys are selected because of their heavier size and bred for the dinner table so they usually are unable to fly.
Domesticated Turkey Farm2) Not only do wild turkeys fly- they can fly well! The fastest recorded flight was 55 miles per hour.
Wild Turkey Flight_large3) You can identify a turkey’s gender from it’s poop. For males, their poop tend to be more spiral-shaped while females are shaped like the letter J.

Turkey Male and Female

4) Turkeys will ingest small stones while eating to help with their digestion. The stones eventually falls into their gizzard.
Stones5) Male turkeys are the only ones who gobble, and its purpose is to attract a mate!
Gobbling Turkey6) The heaviest turkey ever raised was 86 pounds, almost the size of a large dog.

Turkey Feast with Dog

7) The National Turkey Foundation estimates that 46 million turkeys are consumed every Thanksgiving, 22 million on Christmas, and 19 million on Easter!

Frozen Turkey Supermarket

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