9 Ways That Spring Allergies are Oh So Magical

Spring is the most magical time of year, right? Flowers in bloom, trees starting to bud…

WRONG. For approximately 20% of people, spring is a Hell which has come all too soon.

Here’s 9 things that those with seasonal allergies can look forward to this Spring:


1. Everyone getting angry that you because they think you are making them sick, despite your repeated insistence that it’s “ONLY ALLERGIES!”

step away allergies

dont look at me like that


2. You are stuck trying to explain why it’s not a good idea to join everyone for PICNIC IN THE PARK.


doge allergies

 3. Your purse is full of tissues. And so are your pockets. It’s definitely grossing everyone out.

tissues in purse allergies

4. When you’re invited to that hype back yard BBQ and your allergy medication cautions against alcohol.

left out captain


tina fey wine drinking alone

5. You are forced to decide between blowing your nose into a raw, unrecognizable pile of ground meat or drugging yourself into a dreamless, Benadryl-induced coma.

Mr. Bean blowing nose


star wars benadryl

6. Looking cute is not in the cards when you look like you’re a candidate of some governmental sleep deprivation torture experiment.

will smith hitch allergies

Allergies got me like

7. You do everything in your power not to scratch you eyes out as everyone else talks about how great it is to finally get some “fresh air”!

surrounded by idiots allergies

8. But hey, on the bright side….


No, There is no bright side.

no hope allergies

9. Because once this is over, you’ll have to do it all over again next year.


Any Spring allergies horror stories to share? We’ll promise to listen.