Coolest Office Desk

Tired of your old fashion office desk? Want one from the future

Milk Desk

The Milk Desk is hopefully start a trend of Apple inspired desk. It is compact, yet full of clever arrangement compartments. Its oversized 140 x 80cm top houses cable exits, a cable drawer, an integrated front file, and four modular square spaces that can be used as garbage bins, pencil holders, an iPod drawer with in-desk cable routing, and even as an aquarium (optional). The desk also has an electronic base to raise or lower the desk depending on whether you choose to sit or stand

Computer Desk

The term “computer desk” typically refers to a desk, a horizontal surface, at which a person works a computer at. However, the designer of this desk has taken the term in the literal sense, and created a desk that is also a computer. The simple lines of the desk and the harmony of light grey and brushed metal will allow this amazing item to mix with old and modern offices. My main concern is the heat the desk produces; you better not leave your files on it – they might catch fire.

Puzzle Desk

The sliding puzzle desk, designed by Hsien Chang, brings nostalgia and modernism together. Remember the sliding puzzle image game from your youth? The panels on top of the desk slide around to unveil different storage areas where a variety of your goods can be kept and organized. This desk only has a total of four tiles covering five different compartments, so it is a fairly easy puzzle to navigate through.

Luna Desk

Pininfarina has made a name in the world of automobile, producing among the most beautiful cars in the world. Now, the automobile company has reached a new high -entered the world of office supplies – and producing a slick desk, the Luna Desk. The contemporary executive office desk is the new face of designs looking for smart space solutions. The desk features panel made of bent arched asymmetrical legs, obtained by a monolithic fusion, varnished aluminum, metalized silver finish and connected by means of steel elements. The desk top is see-through tempered crystal, which is 15mm thick. The aluminum base is covered in your choice of polished lacquer or red or black leather. And at $12,885, it is probably Pininfarina’s most affordable product.


Keeping in the theme of futuristic desk, here is one of the most creative desks in the galaxy with the Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Desk. This incredible Empire Strikes Back themed desk, designed by Tom Spina Designs, is constructed of metal and fiberglass has glowing orange panels straight out of Cloud City and is topped with a sturdy 1/2″ thick glass table top. I bet a bunch of CEO’s got this desk and threatened their employees to carbon freeze them if they performed poorly in the next quarter.

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  • arrauer

    hey! “puzzle Desk” is quite identical to a progect we had developed in the industrial design laboratory of Politecnico di Milano!!!
    the concept name it was “QUINDICI” and it was existing yet..

  • Waw, that’s amazing, i want the milk desk :-)

    I love your blog, congratulations.

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