Crtl + Alt + Snooze


With this very simple, yet effective design, designer Santiago Cantera’s Escape Clock brings unity with  office . Find no tiny snooze button but a huge Escape button to hit on in the morning for a couple extra minutes of sleep. The snooze/clock button is connected wirelessly to a set of speakers which would play your favorite morning jingle. Set it on edge and you’ve switched from alarm clock mode to an in-room stereo. Sadly this is only a concept but lets hope its gets picked up?

[ via Engadget]

  • What a nice holiday gift idea for some of the computer geeks I know! Unfortunately, you can only “escape” your snooze for so long! Do these sell these clocks with a “delete” logo instead, because I’m sure they’d be much more popular! Cool post.

  • What a great blog, colorful, informative and easy to read. I will continue to follow.