Friday Fun: Do You Know Your Scary Halloween Monsters? [Quiz]

Halloween day is almost here! The hauntingly decorated houses and flickering glow from freshly craved Jack-o-Lanterns sure bring about a tinglingly excitement in the chilled air. While you’re taking a break from shopping for Halloween candy or adding the finishing touches to your amazingly costume, we thought it’ll be fitting to put everyone to the ultimate test. The probability that you’ve dressed up as one of these characters before is pretty high (in fact, we guesstimate a good portion of you guys may even go as one of these guys this year!), but just how many of you know the story behind these scary Halloween monsters? Let’s put your knowledge to the test and find out! 

Do You Know Your Scary Halloween Monsters QuizREADY? Get set, go!

Question #1: Better perfect your aim! A silver bullet to the heart can kill which of these hairy creatures?

Question #2: Which of these terrifying movie serial killers is based on a true story?

Question #3: This next supernatural folk tale originated from Ireland. What is a Banshee?

Question #4: What was the role of the mythical Greek creature Cerberus?

Question #5: Vampires are the most iconic monsters of folk history. What’s the best way to ward off vampires?

Question #6: What the most popular female Halloween costume idea for 2016?

Question #7: Which of the following zombie movies had the highest lifetime gross in theaters?

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