Friday Fun: Honest Holiday Cards.

By now, you probably have a vast assortment of holiday greeting cards floating around your home and the odds are that none of them are memorable. Styles probably range from the traditional Happy Holiday wreaths that come in boxes of one million to the custom designed (and often times awkward) family photo collage. Wouldn’t it be nice to shake things up a bit and send something that is completely out of the norm? This year say exactly what you mean in a fun and hilarious way with one of these snarky and honest holiday cards. No need to be politically correct when sending a card this hilarious! You recipients will get a kick out of these because they pretty much say what everyone is already thinking. Trust us, you’re card will be the talk of the family holiday party for sure. Send something thoughtful and memorable in the mail this year and make all of that envelop and stamp licking worth the effort.

  1. For the relative who can empathize with holiday laziness.



2) For the relative who isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions in life.



3) A little tech humor.

o-FACT-5704) For that friend who has reached holiday enlightenment.


5) Because buying gifts is the absolute worst.


6) When sending a holiday card of Jesus doing the Carlton to your super religious great aunt is totally a good idea.


7) When you’re hell bent on not spending money on gifts this year.


8) Well, at least not YOUR money.



9) Greetings to the family who spins a dreidel on a silent night.


10) For the family Scrooge


11) For that dude in your office you kinda know, but not really.


12) And if you’re going to send a corny card, go all the way.

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