Friday Fun: 9 Truths about Winter Commuting

The snowy season has returned and many areas around the country are feeling the brunt of it. If you’re ankle (or knee) deep in snow, then this is a post we know you’ll completely identify with. We have all experienced one of these winter commuting  dilemmas at some point.

Getting to and from the office after a snow storm is the absolute worst. You need an extra ten minutes in the morning just to pile on all of that extra winter gear! Then there’s the extra time spent shoveling, getting through traffic and finding parking; all at glacial speed. Taking public transit means contending with black ice, transit delays, overcrowding and whatever else might make it’s way down the winter pipeline.

We can all agree commuting in the winter is the worst, but that’s not to say that we can’t find a little humor in it! Here are some common truths about winter commuting that will make yours feel like a breeze.

  1. When you look out of your window in the AM and realize it’s time to get ready for work.

2. Those 10 extra minutes we discussed earlier…

3. Realizing after the fact that you forgot to salt your entryway.

4. When you take your high heel balancing skills for granted.

5. Or just end up looking like this when trying to make your way to work.

6. Maybe you thought you would have plenty of time to shovel out your car in the morning.


7. Or thought you’d be able to brave the cold by taking your bike or motorcycle instead.



8. But look in the bright side. At least you’ll save some gas while going downhill.

9. Because if you survived 2017, you’ll survive anything. Rock on fellow commuters.