Friday Fun: Game Day Snacks That Won’t Ruin Your Resolution

The hardest part about keeping a health related new year’s resolution is what to do when attending parties. This is especially true for football games and viewing parties. Traditional game day menu items include dishes like chicken wings, nachos, hot dogs, burgers, chips, dips and pizzas. Everything you might want to stay away from if you made a commitment to eating healthier in 2018.

If you are a hosting a super bowl party this weekend, now’s the time to try out some revamped menu items that allow you to still keep your (and maybe your guest’s) resolutions in tact. We found some great variations of game day dishes that are delicious and still healthy.  Everyone is sure to love them. With a few simple swaps, you can indulge in your favorite snacks guilt free.

Chicken Wings or Legs

One of the best ways to shave off some serious calories from this dish is to remove the skin before cooking. Now, some of you might be thinking that crispy chicken skin is the best part. That isn’t always necessarily true. We found this seriously delicious recipe that will make you wonder why you haven’t tried chicken legs this way sooner. Another way to cut the calories is to bake instead of fry. Think of all of that oil you are eliminating!

ChickenIf you simply can’t imagine chicken legs without frying, then we suggest investing in an air fryer. The air fryer helps you fry in a much healthier way with up to 75% less fat than traditional frying. You can fry anything from meats to french fries and even frozen foods. This thing is seriously magic and you can use it for virtually anything.

Fryer 2

Brentwood air fryer available at Shoplet.


Guacamole is generally healthy and a great option for a game day dip. If you keep your ingredients fresh and skip the sour creme and cheese, you’ll be in good shape. You can also substitute tortilla chips for pita or plantain chips also. We also suggest offering some chopped veggies such as carrots and celery sticks too.


Guacamole is a great option for replacing high calorie dips like qeso or artichoke dip.


Nachos are the quintessential game day snack and we’d be blasphemous to tell you to do without it. Conventional nachos can run you anywhere from 256- 560 calories per serving depending on the types of ingredients you use. You could also be looking at anywhere from 24-31 grams of fat per serving. In short, traditional nachos are loaded with fat. And not the good kind.


Not all is lost. There are plenty of ways you can dramatically cut this number down and still enjoy some mouth watering nachos. We found this drool worthy ground turkey plantain nachos recipe that is grain free, and Paleo compliant. These nachos call for lean ground turkey instead of beef which cuts a ton of calories right off the bat. You also swap traditional corn tortilla chips for plantain chips which cut the carbs. Season with your favorite taco seasoning and add lots of fixings and guacamole. You can opt for cheese if you’d like but honestly, this recipe doesn’t even need it. It’s that good!

Snacks and Chips

Skip conventional chips and try something new. Conventional chips are super high in sodium, trans fats and empty calories. Most also provide little to no nutritional value. We recommend swapping out some of your usual chip choices for healthier alternatives.

SnacksCan’t watch the game without popcorn? Try Skinny Pop. This popcorn is cholesterol free and has no trans fat. Veggie Straws are also a favorite. They come in an assortment of fun flavors and offer 30% less fat when compared to most traditional potato chips. Offering an assortment of mixed nuts is also a great option and are protein packed. Just make sure none of your guests have a nut allergy of course!

What’s on the menu for your game day event? Tell us in the comments below!