Minute to Win It Office Games

The new NBC show Minute to Win It is really fun to watch. This week the contestants had to compete in Office Games! Anything that involves office supplies and wasting time at work, we are all about. It’s time to get a little competitive with these Minute to Win it Office Games! Check out these neat ideas to have your own hilarious Minute to Win It Party at work! (Bonus, these games are SFW.)

Office Maximus

Line up reams of paper on separate desks. The contestant has to stand on the other side of the room and bounce rubber band balls to knock over reams of paper.


Create a pinball game by setting up binder clips to be used as bumpers to get the ping pong balls into 3 lined up binder clips at the end.

Speed Eraser

speed eraser minute to win it game

Get 7 pencils into 7 cups by bouncing the pencil off it’s eraser into the cup.

Office Fling

Stretch a rubber band between an office chair and fling folded pieces of paper onto a desk.

Office Tennis

Crumple up a piece of paper and grab two clipboards. You use two people to play this game! Hit the paper ball back and forth all the way to the waste basket to win.

Coffee Topper

Drop CDs flat on a plastic cup

Back Flip

Place pencils on the back of your hand and fling them up to grab them without letting any of them drop. Start out with 2 and build up to a higher number!

We was a little disappointed they didn’t go for the million bucks. Who stops at $125,000? That’s way too responsible. Watch the whole thing below!

  • Brian

    Don’t miss an all new 2 hour family, special episode of Mintue to Win it! This Wed. Feb 2nd at 8/7 central!

  • snooksiella

    Oh, I miss my Guy…Fieri! (Yes, Guy Fieri) Loved to see him cooking, but LOVE to see him even more on MINUTE TO WIN IT (!!!). I heard a NEW SEASON airs on NBC on Tuesday, Dec 7th (8/7c). I’m not usually a game show person, but MTWI keeps me on my toes– very refreshing. Plus new HOLIDAY episodes coming up this season. I wish I could go on! I always get so panicked for them…lol. Check it out: http://bit.ly/hboOtY

  • this was a wonderfull episode. treat to watch.

  • SandyE

    What a great episode! I’m so happy that NBC has put their re-runs on Tuesdays as well as Wednesday! Now I can REALLY get my fix! Can’t wait for the twins this Wednesday!!!