9 Cheesy Office Supply Pick-Up Lines for Valentine’s Day

At Shoplet, we like to imagine that office supplies love us just as much as we love them! But, alas, office supplies are rather quiet in professing their mutual love. Sometimes, it feels as though our deeply rooted affections go unreciprocated.

To compensate for the awkward silence, we’ve concocted a rather sweet, humorous list of innocent pick-up lines that we might imagine our favorite supplies saying to us when we’re out and about.

Just imagine a cute lil’ pen making his/her way over to you at the bar, wearing your favorite color shirt (blue? red? black?), looking far less sketchy than the rest of the guys/gals in that joint. What would that stunning pen say to little ol’ you?

And so, ladies and gentlemen, in lieu of Valentine’s Day, here are the irresistible articulations of your favorite office supplies! <3

  1. Thanks to Duracell AA Batteries


2. Thanks to EP Memory Flash Drive

3. Thanks to Westcott Non Stick Scissors


4. Thanks to Post-it Super Sticky Notes


5. Thanks to Pentel EnerGel 


6. Thanks to Avery Hi-Liter


7. Thanks to Creativity Street Wiggle Eyes


8. Thanks to Nestle Bottled Spring Water


9. Thanks to Washable School Glue Sticks


Now go out there and impress that special someone, Good luck!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!