Promos: Old School ’80s Commercials

80's banner

Growing up in the 80’s was definitely an experience for those who were lucky enough to survive it unscathed. But it was also a time where kids ruled and advertisers took full advantage of the buying power of a young audience. You might wonder how does a juvenile audience have any sort of buying power? It’s pretty simple. Market to kids and kids, in turn, market to their parents. If you count kicking and screaming in the cereal isle at the grocery store as marketing (or more accurately, extortion), either way the result is the same. Parents buy whatever makes their little ones happy. Brilliant! If you try to think back on any of those old school TV jingles you were pounded with as a kid, odds are they were from toys, candy, cereals and fast food commercials. The power of these commercials are so strong that we can recall the vast majority of them even today. C’mon, we know you know all of the words to the Tootsie Roll jingle. We decided to go back in time to gather some of the best old school 80’s commercials of your kid and teen years. Check it out!

1) Hungry Hungry Hippos: This game brought out the glutton in every kid and the frantic race to gobble up all of those little white pellets was irresistible!

2) Skip it: Even if you can vaguely remember what the thing looked like (or even what it was), you for sure remember the song. This song was probably one of the most catchy commercial jingles of the 80’s.

3) Light Bright: As a kid, this toy probably held your attention for approximately 2.4 seconds, but you probably kicked and screamed for weeks to get your parents to buy you one. The sparkly lights were too mesmerizing to ignore.

4) Pillow People: It’s a pillow…. with legs… and a face. Seriously? What was so special about this thing that almost every kid in the cul-des-ac had to have one? Because Pillow People were wonderful friends. At least that’s what the commercial told you.

5) The Animal: Calling all boys! You know you know the song to this one. Even some girls can recall it. This commercial played at least 800 times during your stint with Saturday morning cartoons. Because nothing can stop, Dun dun dun, THE ANIMAL!

6) Ring Pop: THEY WERE SOOOO GOOOD but so messy. We’ve all suffered from sticky knuckles from this 80’s favorite. But you have to admit they were the coolest candy around!

7) Pepsi featuring Michael Jackson: Does this one remind you of that Mark Ronson/ Bruno Mars tune that’s all over the radio these days? Well, it’s quite possible that this classic Michael Jackson Pepsi ad was the inspiration. Let’s face it, we ALL wanted to be the King of Pop and Pepsi reminded you that so long as you were part of the “Whole New Generation”, you already were!

8) Girl Talk: Looking back at this one makes our inner feminist cringe but you have to admit at the time, it was SO FUN! Girl Talk was so popular among teen girls, the makers came out with a whole series of games such as Truth or Dare, Secret Diary and even a super high tech CD-ROM version. Fancy!

9) Mr Potato Head: Everyone had one of these! This toy has become so iconic that you can still find these on store shelves today. That jingle will forever be burned into your memory too.