red bull tum tum pa

The Drumming Competition from the desk. At RED BULL TUM TUM PA it’s the pens and pencils that give the beat — never ordinary instruments.

Teams of up to four students are allowed to use only commercial teaching and office supplies for their creative percussion performance.

Possible instruments may include: pens, pencils, books, bags, scissors, erasers or Red Bull cans. There is no limit to your creativity – choose whatever suits your rhythm best. Maybe the sound of your laptop snapping shut is the right sound for your performance?

We’re kicking regular drums, bongos and digital drum’n’bass out the door. Please note that participants are not allowed to sing, use beatbox skills, traditional instruments or electrically created sound.

Fun! I love this. I’m trying to figure out if you can still register. The website doesn’t specify start and end dates. I do see some times and locations for performances thought. Get more info here