The ABCs in Tools

Don’t ask me how long it took for me to make this. I found this great tool font when wandering on StumbleUpon one day and decided to see if I could recreate it using the tools we carry on our site. Mission accomplished.

The font above was created by blogger/artist Fabio De Minicis and I’m not sure how you can buy it but you can probably contact him on his blog.

Want to buy the tools you see? Shop these links:

Safety Goggles
Plier Staplers
Cutting Pliers
Snap Ring Pliers
Ring Pliers
S Hooks
Pick Ax
Ground Clamps
C Clamps
Pony Locking Pliers
Groovelock Pliers
Extension Rulers
Bar Clamps
Coping Saws

I will be honest..I had to steal the z-clip pic from another site because we don’t carry them!!

Now go start all those summer weekend projects!

(Also – buy tools on the Find!)

  • Brilliant. You dudes are as cool as ever. Inspired.