Throw an At-Home Painting Party Like a Bob Ross BOSS


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For those of us who grew up watching PBS, there are tons of iconic shows that stain our memories. Mr Rodger’s Neighborhood, Sesame Street, Masterpiece Theater and the ultra legendary Bob Ross from The Joy of Painting are just a few of the classics. Bob Ross is best known for being the painter who effortlessly paints “happy little trees” amongst serene landscapes and makes it look all too easy.  The very last episode originally aired in 1995 but now you can stream full episodes of The Joy Of Painting on Netflix! This guy hosted a Bob Ross painting party and it’s inspiring people everywhere to do the same. Even us! Painting is a great way to channel your creativity and relax. Bob Ross makes it even more therapeutic with his super soothing voice and easy to follow landscapes you can do at home.

We’ve watched nearly every Bob Ross video, like… EVER and rounded up everything you’ll need to throw your very own painting party. The tools listed below are the staples Bob Ross uses to create virtually every masterpiece. So, round up some friends and a nice bottle of wine! Turn your winter blues into a winter wonderland filled with happy little trees by hosting your very own Bob Ross painting party!

For a grand total investment of $77.95, you can throw many painting parties this winter with endless themes. Have your friends chip in!  Lots of these items are available at and we encourage you to take some time to pamper your spirit with a little creative fun. This winter, invite some friends over for a seriously relaxing painting party! Have you ever hosted a painting party? Tell us about it below! We’re planing our very own painting party this upcoming Thursday so stay tuned to see what master/disaster-pieces we come up with! Happy painting!