Undercover Boss Reviews

A few weeks ago I finally started watching Undercover Boss. The Collared Sheep has been reviewing each episode for awhile now and while I love reading the reviews, I’d never seen the show! You can watch the entire first season on Netflix Instant Queue and I’ve already seen the 4 shown below. What amazes me about this show is that probably some of it is staged or planned and yet the executives still fail. The way they reward the employees or make company changes often makes no sense.

CEO of Norwegian Cruise – I actually saw part of this one a few nights ago. The CEO seemed kind of lame and confused by what was going on. Read the full review here

White Castle Owner – This guy seemed really nice and genuine. I’ve never eaten at White Castle and the food looks pretty gross. I liked the way he interacted with the employees but yeah, he didn’t really seem to make any great changes. Like maybe offering healthier food so that those employees on a diet can eat something else besides greasy burgers for lunch. Read the full review here

The 7-11 guy – I actually liked him a lot. He seemed like a good guy and made some great changes. Like giving the nice delivery guy a vacation with his wife who he never gets to see. Read the full review here

CEO of Hooters – Really? I was way too interested in this one. He seemed like an okay guy but really… he’s confused about why people wouldn’t want to take their kids and family to hooters. Plus, he failed to fire the manager who was treating the waitresses like dogs. That was a real joke, what a lame decision. Read the full review here

Interested? Check out the show! It’s on CBS on sunday nights. Check out the SNL Undercover Celebrity Boss below: