Usb Drive That Brings You Back To The 80’s

Usb Mixa Tape

We love weird Usb Drives here at the Office Supplies Blog. They come in all size, color and shape. This week, we have the Mixa, a 1GB flash drive that connects to your PC via USB.

The drive looks just like an old school tape cassette, and comes in three colors – black, white and turquoise. You get to custom design the look and packaging of the Mixa device by using ready-made images on the Mixa site or by uploading your own personal images, through a fun flash application.

Once you’ve pimped out your Mixa, they’ll then send you outthe drive to your door so that you can fill it up with music, video, photos and other goodies to create that special gift.

Pricing for the Mixa device is about $41 USD including worldwide shipping. Good Mixa!

  • wow those USB tapes are so retro! Very cool, maybe not so practical haha but still cool :p

  • You can make your own like this pretty easily if you just get a little tiny USB key and then put it inside something else.. very cool idea!

  • Interesting .Any one who can see the picture of this Usb Drive should agree with you in this context”Usb Drive That Brings You Back To The 80’s”

  • That is one of the hottest things I’ve seen lately besided the 100% eco friendly USB drive. I sell those casettes in the form of belt buckles all day long so I guess people really miss the 80’s