These Casters Are Eye Candy

Probably the nerdiest statement but it’s true. Somewhere I saw the website Cool Casters mentioned and found myself scrolling through pages of really fun casters. We have a pretty standard black office chair at our house and I think it could use some colorful casters. Each color and style comes with different mounts so it will either fit your chair or maybe turn your piano bench into a rolling piano bench (they also suggest tool boxes, bookcases, etc)

If you need some new casters, we carry both Master Caster Casters and Safco Casters on our site. Casters are actually really easy to replace so when your chair isn’t rolling so smoothly, order some and change them!

  • Jerry Fair

    A lot of these are way cool!

  • jennifer townsend

    sweet. but to do this i’d need a better chair first.