DIY Mousepad makes your mouse very happy

20 bucks says the mouse pad you’re using right now says Intel on it or Microsoft Windows. And it’s blue. Or if you’re like me you don’t even have a mouse pad, your mouse just collects dust as you move back and forth on your desk. Some people are mouse pad people and some aren’t. Some like those really simple plastic, hard ones and some like the extra cushy bulky with attached wrist rest ones.

Whether you like mouse pads or not, this is an easy project to add some happiness to your desk and it’s just really cool. Chris Gardner from Man Made DIY wrote a guest tutorial on Design*Sponge and I caught it in my Google Reader. Thanks to both awesome blogs > here’s how to do it!

-One 8” round mouse pad blank
-8 1/2 x 11″ Full Sheet Labels
-Computer and printer
Xacto or craft knife and cutting surface
-Textile acrylic paint and stencil brush (both available at the craft store).
-Iron and wax paper

1). Choose your design from one of the ManMade DIY templates, or create your own. Print it out onto the label paper.
2). With your design in mind, decide on your color palette. You’ll want to use a lighter color for the background, and a darker one for the foreground image. Pour out and your background paint onto a palette or scrap surface, and use the stencil brush to create a base layer of color.

3). While this first coat dries, use the Xacto knife to cut out the gray shapes of the template.

4). Continue cutting your stencil until only the white shapes remain. Don’t throw the smaller pieces away! These will be the resist for our the top layer of color

5.) Peel the backing layer off the largest shape, and carefully place it on top of the mouse pad. Then, using the template as a reference, add the smaller shapes to recreate the full image on the mouse pad.

6). Mix up your top color, and using quick, consistent dabs, fill in the spaces with paint.

7). Once the paint has dried completely, cover the mouse pad with two layers of wax paper and iron on medium high (or follow the package directions) to help set the ink.

And, that’s it – an easy way to add a little handmade warmth to even the most tech-heavy of workspaces.

  • Excellent post! I make mousepads and collect mousepads for a hobby and so far I’ve only done iron-on, heat transfers, which work pretty good. I’ve always wondered about painting on a mousepad. This post shows it can be done with very nice results! Thanks!

  • Hi,
    It is so beautiful. Mouse pad is a surface for enhancing the usability of a computer mouse.

  • It will be good weekand hobby for me. Thanks.