How to Have a Green Thanksgiving This Year

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Preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday this year? Then you must be pretty busy- going through your grocery list, contacting family members, planning activities for the weekend… and did we miss anything else!? The holidays are usually jam-packed of To-Do’s and on top of that, consumes a lot of energy in terms of resources. It may be tough, especially for those environmentally conscious families out there. Think you can’t have a green Thanksgiving this year? Try these tips to make being green for the holidays easy!

Portion Control: Plan your dinner menu ahead to make sure you purchase everything you need and limit impulse buys. Purchasing groceries from a local market also helps out the community. Just don’t forget to bring a (couple of) reusable bags to carry all your groceries! Portioning your grocery list not only reduces the food waste, it also gives you a greater budget to spend elsewhere.

A tasty yet fulfilling Thanksgiving dinner!

A tasty yet fulfilling Thanksgiving dinner!

Avoid choosing groceries with heavy plastic wrapping

Avoid choosing groceries with heavy plastic wrapping

Excess Leftovers: Sometimes epic Thanksgiving meals sometimes leave us with leftovers to last us through the rest of the year. Dishes left a week are automatically tossed out, which adds to unnecessary waste. Instead, try to portion your Thanksgiving meal for your guests. When you do have leftovers, remember to donate the excess to food-recover programs or try to compost the food scraps!

Donate food leftovers

Donate your leftovers to food recovery programs

Compost Food Scraps

Or compost your food scraps to limit waste

Carpool: Relatives visiting from across town or even across states? Try to carpool when traveling if possible. Filling up a car reduces carbon in the air, saves you on tolls, and cuts down vehicles on the road (you know it’s bound to be a packed week for traveling!).


Carpooling makes a fun family road trip as well

Get Outside: Planning fun activities for the family? Be sure to take advantage of the day and plan some outdoor games and activities. Getting outside reduces indoor activities that may require electricity (ahem, like playing on smartphones, computers, video games, watching TV) and active games allows you to exercise a little before the big dinner. If it’s too cold to stay outdoors, try playing a board game with family. There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to ignite family bonding!

Get Outside

A little bit of exercise before the BIG meal!

Board Game

Who’s winning?

Tableware: Depending on your dinner arrangement, try avoiding using disposable plates and cutlery. For smaller sized dinners, sticking to regular plates reduces less waste. If you cannot do with reusable plating, make sure to look for biodegradable cutlery and plates. Biodegradable products break down in landfills, making them preferred over regular plastic forks, spoons, and knives. This option is ideal for larger groups and dinners.

Thanksgiving Feast

Anyone drooling yet?

Clean Green: If you planning on using reusable plating and utensils, just make sure to fill up your dishwasher before you start the cycle to limit water consumption. To be more eco-friendly, try cleaning with a chemical-free dish-washing detergent or washing liquid manufactured from recycled materials. In preparation for guests, make sure to clean the house biodegradable wipes and reusable washcloths too.

Cleaning Green

These products are literally green

What are other tips we can implement to maintain a sustainable Thanksgiving holiday this year? We’ll love to hear your ideas- just leave a comment on our blog post!