Holiday Idea: Mug Gift Baskets!

mug pic 2


For a gal like myself, cocoa, tea, coffee & espresso are comparable to comfort foods, like mac & cheese and french fries. Whenever I’m having a bummer day, a good hot beverage never fails to makes me feel at least 8% better.

Being a hot beverage enthusiast often entails possessing a fondness for mugs. Perhaps that sounds silly, but, alas, merely drinking a hot cup of cocoa is only half of the fun. As it is with most caffeine addicts, it’s the ritual of preparing the hot beverage that makes drinking it so special. Selecting the right mug in accordance with the particular drink you intend to consume is just part of the hot beverage experience. Does that sounds a little wacky? Case in point: some people (ahem, moi) are super into their mugs. For those who are still stumped on which gift to give that special someone this holiday season, a mug might be a great place to start.

Here’s a good gift idea: Fill up a mug with fun, mini gifts, stick a bow on it and (voila!) watch the expression on the recipient’s face light up! I know that this sounds simple and self explanatory, but, trust me, it means so much more when you yourself create these mug gift baskets, instead of purchasing pre-made ones at your local drug store. Homemade gifts > store bought gifts!

How to personalize each mug gift basket:

-For a teacher: Fill up a mug with pens, pencils, a pair of scissors, a ruler, etc.

-For your kiddo: LOTS of candy, lego guys and/or polly pockets, a mini stuffed animal…basically any “fun sized” toy[s]

-For your parents:  Homemade cookies, a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant

-For your friends: Candies, bits and bats of inside joke miniatures, etc.

-For your significant other: Chocolates, a few flowers, tickets to a show or concert, etc. (Valentiney things!)


-For your employees: A little “Thank You” letter & other useful, small promotional utensils for the desktop. To keep work gifts professional, gift basket mugs should feature your company’s logo (Shoplet Promos has promotional mugs!).

-For networking contacts: In the same vein as your employees, treat your professional colleagues with the same degree of warmth and convention.  Filling your mug up with few promotional items here and there should suffice, or sending over a nice, presentable tray like the one featured below (also available at Shoplet Promos) might be the cherry on top of a very important business friendship:


I hope this little gift giving suggestion helped you out for the holiday season :)