Pointless Office Supply Art

Maybe it’s because I just got back from a trip and my brain feels kind of melty, but this is some of the most ridiculous office supply art I’ve ever seen. Why am I sharing it with you? I shouldn’t be. Don’t waste your time.

So this lady had a job where I guess she had some free time (maybe a lot of people are like that?) and she created some masterpieces at her desk. Her blog is called Office Suppy Art. I have to give her some credit for coming up with some really really weird ideas.

Rolled Post it Note Frame

Cover your Pencil Jar in Tin Foil

Cover your File Folders with Magazines

Put paper clips on Your Shoes (the post it note fan is actually a pretty cool idea)

Make a Post-it Flipbook (also a great idea. I love flipbooks!)

Flowering Pen

Fighting Cups..

Paper Bird Flys over Picture

Post it Your Face

Don’t worry, I’m not above coming up with any of this stuff. It’s just funny to see someone’s really weird bored ideas.

  • miguel araujo

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  • admin

    Sorry, yes we do have another giveaway coming up! I’m still getting the details but I think it will posted soon

  • Sheila B

    Aw, man No giveaway?! Sorry I could not resist. Somebody was beyond bored.