Re-design your Kleenex Box


I like Japanese Fashion Magazines a lot. Here’s why – crazy fashion ideas, you can’t ever tell what’s going on because it’s mostly in japanese, and they are just really funny. I saw this cute tutorial for redesigning your kleenex box in Cutie magazine and realized this is a great way to liven up your desk for the summer!

Here’s the instructions in picture form: (click to see it bigger)


I know it’s kind of difficult to see but basically – take it apart, cover it with cute paper, and put it back together again. I’m pretty sure you can use those 3 steps to cover just about anything on your desk. If you’re feeling lazy, you can design and buy a custom Kleenex box here. Make sure to post a link in the comments if you make your own!

  • Tracy

    Thank you. Sounds like a great way to individualize my office.