10 “Remarkable” Recycled Office Products


What can you do with all this? If you’re smart you’ll go dumpster diving and start up a company called “Remarkable”
Remarkable Pencils Limited

From their website:

“Our philosophy at Remarkable is to create recycled items that are well-designed, great quality and a joy to own.

As well as their environmental credentials – all our products are made using only UK recycled materials – we want people to choose Remarkable because they like what we are doing; making products that instil a sense of fun and intrigue, and because all our products evoke a feeling of purpose, passion and excitement.

By highlighting what an item was in its previous life, we feel we are showing what can be made with UK waste – that we are generating a positive interest in recycling and environmental issues. Using the fascination of what an item once was is a new and fun way of communicating the recycled message.

In brief, we don’t want people to think that recycling is dull. It can, in fact, be very cool!”

I agree. We carry green office supplies on our site, but nothing this cool! If this shop was down the street, this is what I’d be buying.

Black Handwriting Pens

Made with crisp packets (must mean chips right? I’m not from England,) car parts, and carpet off-cuts.

Dry Wipe Marker Pens


Made with crisp packets, car parts, and carpet off-cuts.

FSC Colouring Pencils


Made from 100% certified timber

A5 Purple Ring Binder


Made from food fashion (I assume that’s like fast food packaging) and gift packaging.

Black Tyre Pencil Case with Pink Graphic & Zipper


Made from recycled car tires! Sounds quite durable.

A5 Pink Document Wallet


Made with food fashion and gift packaging

Blue HB Pencils


Made with plastic cups, CD cases, and polystyrene packaging.


Made from recycled polystyrene packaging and electrical goods.

Black Office Paper Notepad


Made with recycled feint lined paper.

The Blue A4 Gift Set
All the good stuff in matching colors. Great!

Find lots of other green office supplies on Shoplet.com!

  • ObjertFet

    Hey Guys! Just wanted to say hello to the new community :). Thanks for letting me in! :D

  • This would be a great way to boost brand awareness.

  • I really find this post is useful and valuable.

  • recycle office product can help this world about global warming issues…

  • Seems like you have a great idea on your hands with everyone looking for green products now. You should consider teaming up with different companies to get your products into trade shows as giveaways to potential clients. This would be a great way to boost brand awareness.

  • Ben

    This is a really cool idea. I wish more people in the Office Supply industry would recycle.

    Think about how much paper could be recycled and reused. Cardboard or plastic cups and silverware, the opportunities are endless.

    If this store was down the street, I would buy.

  • I know inside our office we could see a lot
    of recyclable materials which we could use at any time..

  • Jerry Mahoney

    B Green products the “VibeAway” made from 100% recycled tires (and made in the USA) are helping to save the environment and solve the walking washing machine problem at the same time (being the only true green product is the real market driver in our belief). B Green Innovations, Inc. (“B Green”), is saving the planet; one tire at a time by turning old tires into products that solve real environmental and real consumer problems.

    VibeAway™ pads are specially designed washing machine anti-vibration pads for washers and dryers. The 100% crumb rubber pad, made from recycled tires, is designed to reduce the transfer of vibration that occurs in most typical washing and drying cycles. It is a shock absorption pad that is used to reduce sound, vibrations, and pulsating of washing machines, dryers, table saws, freezers and other large appliances. Our VibeAway™ pads prevent washers from “walking,” and help prolong the life of your washing machine, dryer or other appliance.

    According to the EPA’s Scrap Tire Cleanup Guidebook, released June 8, 2006, large scrap tire stockpiles present a risk to human health and the environment for several reasons. They provide an ideal breeding ground for disease-carrying mosquitoes and rodents. Stockpiles can also catch on fire as a result of lightning strikes, equipment malfunctions or arson. State, federal and local agencies have spent tens of millions of dollars over the past few decades responding to tire fires. Approximately 290 million automobile and truck used tires are discarded by Americans every year).

  • this is awesome i never knew about this.. i will try my best to recycle my office stuff in abetter manner

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