15 Things Modern Day Kids will Never Understand

15 things modern day kids will never understand

AAAAh the 80’s… An era where “following a friend” meant keeping pace on your bike, politically incorrect cartoons were the norm and careless fashion choices were encouraged. For those of us fortunate enough to have lived through the golden age of childhood, we have memories longer than anyone’s Facebook follower count. With all of these colorful memories, here are our favorite 15 things modern day kids will never understand.

1) The gloriously toxic smell of rubber cement.


2) Your insatiable oral fixation when it came to these.


3) Your love/ hate relationship with non sharpening pencils and the struggle of loop’dy looping for that blue crayon. Grrr!


4) The false promises of Kissing Koolers.


5) Carrying your pencils like a musical BOSS.


6) The one and only book you actually wanted to read but were never EVER able to find in the library.


7) OH, and Libraries.


8) Sharpening your pencil with this bad boy.



8) The scent of puberty.



10) The annual trip to McDonald’s so your parents didn’t have to buy you a trick or treating pumpkin come Halloween.


11) Now that we think of it, McDonald’s was pretty terrifying in general.

Mc Donalds

12) The death of Pluto. Don’t worry, you’ll always be a planet to us!


13) The definition of an epic junior high school Friday night.


14) The original text message.


15) Literally breathing life into your video games.


Do you have any awesome 80’s or even 90’s memories that kids these days just wouldn’t understand? Please share! We love to hear your stories.