2 Ways to Tote Around Your Lappy, I mean Laptop.


[Do people really use lappy to describe their laptop? How ridiculous, I mean great]

We’ve all seen different contraptions to help you stand while you work. Mobile Laptop Desks & Laptop stands adjust for every situation. After our “sit or bounce” blog post, I’ve thought about it how it would be even better to be able to stand sometimes. I stand at my desk every once in awhile when I start to feel a little sore but it would be nice to have a set up that is actually made for that. Anyways, the other day I noticed some laptop holders that allow you to walk around while you work. Check out these 2 options:

Option #1. Connect a Desk Laptop Holder


Get this thing at Think Geek for just $24.99!
Look how simple it is:


It’s like a back pack with a lunch tray strapped to the front! Just kidding. It’s much more complicated than that I’m sure. Anyways, it is great for archeologists, insurance adjusters, real estate appraisers, architects, engineers, students, site surveys, inspectors, inventory, warehouse, & nurses and if you are sick of standing up, just take the straps off for a lap desk! I can imagine myself just standing in my apartment, leaning against the wall while checking facebook with this thing.

Option #2. Hip Office.


Made by H-k Ergonomics. This one deserves lots of pictures. I’m impressed that for such an uncomplicated piece of metal or plastic or whatever it is. It requires no belt, no straps, no extras. I’m not sure how you purchase it, but I would definitely love one!





Any other ideas or products you know of to tote your lappy around? Comment below!