5 of the Smoggiest Cities in the USA

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Wanna breathe a little easier this sumer with some much needed outdoor time? Well, not if you live in these areas. Smog has become a serious problem both for the environment and for the people who live in the affected areas. Low lying areas surrounded by mountains with warm, dry summers are perfect environments for trapping these noxious air born chemicals. But lets not forget the human factor too. Irresponsible industry and an over abundance of commuters in less than fuel efficient vehicles add to the mix; creating a brew of Asthma and COPD causing air pollution that has gotten way out of control. Curious to see who the worst offenders are? Here are some honorary mentions of the nation’s top 10 smoggiest cities.

Phoenix AZ


The combination of scorching desert temps and more than 1 million commuters on the roads make the countries’ 6th largest city one of the smoggiest. Phoenix ranks among the top when it comes to high ozone days. AZ’s particle pollution is a combination of soot, dust and aerosols, all suspended in the air. Sounds refreshing.


Las Vegas NV

Vegas smog

Sin City has seen it’s share of wrong doing’s alright. Wrong doing’s against the environment. With more than 300 days a year of warm weather and sunshine, smog is at it’s happiest. The problem has gotten so bad that the state initiated a Smog Spotter Program, where commuters can report cars and trucks that throw excessive amounts of exhaust into the air.

Dallas TX

Dallas smog

Coal power plants, fracking, traffic and industry in general has made this city one of the smoggiest in the country. According to Web MD, an estimated 849,000 of the city’s residents suffer from Asthma or COPD.

Frenso/ Madera, CA

Frenso smog

This gorgeous landscape is clouded by a thick layer of smog drift which has trapped industrial and commuter emissions from surrounding areas. You could say it’s a casualty of pollution. California is  the country’s number 1 smoggiest state due to its climate, geological makeup, industry and heavy commuter pollution. The problem is amplified with the ongoing drought in the region.

Los Angeles CA

LA smog

California makes the list yet again. This iconic city clocks in at the nations number 1 offender in air pollution. Surrounded by mountains on 3 sides and the increasing influx of new residents and commuters makes this city’s uphill battle for cleaner air a tough one. LA suffers from ground level ozone, which is one of the most harmful and prevalent pollutants. Red alert days are also not uncommon in LA, which has a particularly high impact on susceptible populations like the elderly, children and those who suffer from respiratory illness. LA hast ranked number 1 every year except one since the American Lung Association’s Annual Air Quality report began to release data in 2000.