5 ways to use Mead Brite Wallets

I think I may have squeaked with excitement when I got these Mead Brite Wallets in the mail. On our website they don’t look quite as neon as they do in person!

I’ve been kind of going nuts for the past few weeks because my apartment walls are lined with boxes and every time I pull out my boxes of supplies to write a blog post, I create a giant mess! It’s not enough to just throw everything into a box and try to slam the lid on. Thank goodness I got these glorious wallets because I’m using them today to organize my stuff.

I stuffed all my labels and sticky notes in one:

And my Sharpie Mean Streak Markers in another:

How about an easy way to carry your sewing supplies to a sewing emergency? (Every time I look for something I end up getting my hand caught in thread and dumping my box of sewing stuff on the floor.)

All of those random feathers and beads will finally be contained in my craft wallet!

The best use of all – batteries! If you notice in the top pic, the wallet expands to fit a lot more than you think it would. I think it expands 2 inches exactly.

I’m also considering putting all my checkbooks and stamps in one. I hate having that stuff float all over my desk.

For $0.89 a piece you might want some brite wallets, right? Does anyone have these already? How do you use them?

P.S. In this post you will see some items that I’ve received from our favorite brands and will be writing more about soon! (e.g. Sharpie Mean Streak Markers and more Avery Labels!)