The Fix All that is Scotch: 75 Times You Need Scotch Tape

  • Brilliant list – you forget just how many uses it has

  • Hi,

    Thank you very much for sharing above all the steps.

  • Cello tape this has to be everyones favorite stuff I can’t think of a life with out it not that I use it on a daily basis but we do use it a great deal of the time, especially in December hmmm I wonder why?????

  • When I was young I used to make false nails from celo tape crazy I know but it really worked I love the huge list that you have made,its amazing what one can you this stuff for and the millions that the founder is making for coming up with it too

  • Awesome, haha.

    I love scotch tape! So addictive because you can stick it on virtually anything and peel it off without any tearing or damage !

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