Always Carrying Your Usb Drive On You

How many people have lost their Usb drives or even just misplaced it for months. I know that I am at my forth of fifth one. So I was looking in ways of never loosing one again — and i found these couples drives that surely would make it difficult to misplace again…


For our Fashionista’s, this trendy jewel series USB thumb drive has decorative crystals that will just about make every girl squeal . With the wrist belt, you can wear it in your wrist, surely will give you a stylish look.

[via Brando]


For the wanna be James Bonds, this very classy USB flash drive fits completely inside of the watch!

Since you are probably the clever type, we suspect you could easily find many places to hide a small USB flash drive. Some of these hiding spots may be perfectly legit, but others might just be too clever for your own good. So, to protect you from yourself we’d like to introduce a watch with the ideal hiding spot already built-in. This watch features an ample 4GB capacity USB flash drive that slips neatly into the watch case. Simply remove, add data and then re-insert and you’re ready to conduct secret missions to building B on the other side of campus.

[via Think Geek]


Finally for the juniors, this USB Flash Drive Wrist Band is a fashionable and stylish mass storage device. It is shockproof and moisture proof that you can wear wherever you go and your data and information will be there whenever you need.

I personally really love the vibrant Lego-colored theme.

[via Brando]

  • I have never seen so many different ideas andd gifts for USB drives. Really like your blog loads of interesting products.

  • Wow! Flashy. Traveling USB drives are all the rage lately. I saw this one the other day…

    Thanks for sharing!

  • oh my, I need to get myself one of those. I tend to forget my usb and lose it somewhere. Wonder where I can grab one.