Andre Woolery’s Thumbtack Art Mixtapes

Andre Woolery is a New York City artist with a basis on oil paints. But growing up, he was not always in the art scene- he actually graduated from Duke University with a Computer Science Degree! Once he moved to NYC (originally born in Jamaica and and grew up in New Jersey), he began to pursue his creative passion. As a visual story teller, he focused a lot of his pieces on black identity, culture, and history. Some of his pieces are actually tributes to iconic black heroes in history. We recently discover his talent for artistic thumbtack pieces! Andrey Woolery’s Thumbtack Art Mixtapes are pretty impressive- check it out below!

Here’s a combination of oil paints and tiny thumbtacks.

“It’s all about the Benjamin’s.” Andre switches things up in this piece.


There was a interesting quote from Andre’s website that goes “I quickly realized that ‘orange’ was the holy grail of thumbtacks.” And we can see why!

All the bright colors and the combination of paint and thumbtacks on each canvas makes this piece really unique.

Andre Woolery

A colorful Kayne West stares off into the distance.

Interested in learning more about Andre’s artwork? Read more about his Art Mixtape project on Recyclart and check out his website here.

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