Another Round of Diamond and Gold Electronics

 While the holidays is slowly creeping in, many high end manufactures are releasing their seasonal collection of uniquely expensive gifts. While these gifts are not too innovative, I always enjoying seeing how much “bling” they manage to stick on an average piece of electronics.


Enjoy the world’s most expensive earphones – made of diamond encrusted gold – are on sale at a Bristol jewellers. The Diamond ring specialist Clive Ranger is selling the unique item – thought to be the only one of its kind – at the Broadmead store, and customers can pick it up for a mere £3,499; which amounts to roughly to $7000.

The earphones were hand crafted by the Belgian jewellers CasaGi’s and are only available in Bristol. They are made from 18 carat gold, set with 118 diamonds and weigh about 18 grams.

“At £3,500 it won’t be your Average Jo walking down the street who will be able to afford them, but I guarantee someone out there who earns a lot of money will enjoy the uniqueness and the luxury of owning them.” Staff at Clive Ranger say they are the ultimate “bling” accessory for an MP3 or iPod.

So, if you have a few thousand pounds to spare this Christmas and you are shopping in Bristol, you can be one of the few to enjoy these earphones.

A gold edition of the Motorola A1600 touchscreen phone has just appeared on the Chinese website of the company. Designed in the spirit of the Motorola V8 Luxury edition the A1600 trades the snake for crocodile skin but this doesn’t make it much less tacky.

This time Motorola somehow managed to convince the renowned French jeweler and watch maker Cartier to take part. However it seems that the design is mostly done by Motorola with Cartier only providing a business card holder included in the retail package.

I can’t quite get the idea behind all those gold editions that seem to be spawning recently. However I have to admit that among them all the A1600 is probably the most acceptably looking (read not as tacky).


Dunhil have created a unique USB memory stick as part of their ongoing innovation in modern technology. The Dunhill Black Diamond USB memory stick is made of oxidized sterling silver and is encrusted with two hundred and seventy two brilliant cut diamonds. The memory stick has a capacity of eight gigabytes and is available from Dunhill stores worldwide.

  • wow…lovely…but i think these are very expensive