Band Your BooBoo

So I got a little papercut this morning taking some paper out of the printer (yawwwouch!) and it got me thinking, how is it possible that something as seemingly harmless as a piece of paper can actually cut through your skin and hurt so bad? So I did a little research:

According to Wikipedia:

Although a loose paper sheet is usually too soft to cut your skin, it can be very thin (sometimes as thin as a razor edge), being then able to exert high levels of pressure, enough to cut the skin. Paper cuts are most often caused by paper sheets that are strongly fastened together (such as brand new paper out of a ream), because one single paper sheet might be dislocated from the rest. Thus all the other sheets are holding this dislocated sheet in position, and the very small part held away from the rest can be stiff enough to act as a razor.

So unfortunately the first aid kit in my office had the regular boring tan band-aides but here are some really cool ones!

Bacon strip band-aids! (Luckily they don’t actually taste or smell like bacon)

cool bandaid
Choose the source of your boo-boo

wade bandaide
Design your own band-aid like basketball star Dwayne Wade!

pirate bandaide
Argggh! Another papercut!

devil duckie
Devil Duckies

Haute Couture

Tattoo band-aids

These would make you feel better that you only have a papercut!

Animal Planet style!

If I had some of these I wouldn’t be as bummed about the papercut!

  • good bangades. thanx for share

  • very color full bandages. i know about only white one

  • I almost puked a little bit when I saw the strips of bacon. The other band-aids are pretty cool though. Nice find.

  • It is indeed such a colourful and artisitc way of producing band aids/plaster.

  • OMG! Those bacon strips are the BEST! lol! I hate paper cuts, it’s so embarrassing that a teeny tiny cut that doesn’t even bleed can be more painful than a gaping gash, it makes me feel so silly. Paper cuts should be banned lol!

  • WOW very color full bandages. i know about only white one

  • Wow! These are so cool. I wasn’t’ going to comment but, I scrolled down and saw the perfect bandage for me. The pirate adhesive bandages are just what I need. It seems that for reasons only known deep inside my noggin, I have a love of skulls. I ride a motorcycle with skulls on it, I have a big 4×4 pickup truck with skulls all over it, I have a tattoo that is a skull and bones. I even have an earring that is the skull and cross bones. So when I saw the little black bandages with the little skulls and crossbones on them, I just have to have them. It almost makes me want to cut myself just so I can ware one. Well I don’t think I’ll go that far.