Best Inventions of 2008

Time Magazine has named 23andMe, one of the first consumer genetic testing services, its 2008 Best Invention of the Year.

23andMe brings Scifi to reality with  their $399 diagnostic test that uses a saliva sample to estimate a subject’s predisposition to 90 inheritable traits, ranging from what eye color you’ll probably pass on to whether you’re likely to get arthritis someday. Although genetic testing raises privacy concerns in some quarters, founders Wojcicki and Brin have made no secret of the fact that the son they are expecting in November has an elevated risk of Parkinson’s disease, as does Brin, according to testing by 23andMe.

Other inventions that made it into the top 10 include, the video-streaming site that legally offers free TV shows and movies online; NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter; and the Large Hadron Collider.

You can see the whole list of inventions over at the Time‘s website.

  • really the best invention..i hope this invention can spread all over the word. Thanks for sharing