Best of Office Weekend Roundup 122

Cute doggy scotch tape dispenser!

My cousin tells a great story about her classroom’s pencil sharpener

Michelle Obama gets Jimmy Kimmel out to vote with an Amplivox Megpahone!

Easiest, cheapest petticoat made with cardboard! Such a smart idea by Cardboard Collective

Anna Banana Fo Fana Pencil Pouch

I want to work at the HON office!

mmm Toblerones + rubber bands – Link

Best new glue stick shape

Enter to win a purple Energel (one if my favorite pens!) from Pentel!

Have a great weekend! The Shoplet office is in lower Manhattan and probably won’t have power until next week. I’m not sure if we will have a giveaway for next week, but we’ll do our best to get things back to normal as soon as we can!