Best of Office Weekend Roundup 132

The best of the best – a rainbow made up of highlighters! I want this

Lots of cool pencil pics on Lisa Cargile’s website

Fun Hive Pencil Holder! I want it

A post-it key chain for the obsessed

And a post it note dispenser for your car too!

High maintenance tape dispenser (I’ve seen the heel but haven’t seen the sandal heel!)

Love memo!

Use a rubber band to keep your laptop power brick from slipping off the desk – Lifehacker

Cultural fit > qualifications for employers

Dragon stapler

A very thoughtful iPhone case

Avery is discontinuing Sticky Notes and NoteTabs! So sad.

Beautifully stacked pencils

For those who like a real signature but can’t be bothered to do it – Well Appointed Desk

Andy Ralph’s Trash Clan!

Fun pencils from Urban Outfitters!

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Have a great weekend!