best of office weekend roundup 17

I can’t get enough of this pic from bobbdobbs! Who knew that star wars characters are always fighting off staple removers?

Made from carved pencils! From Telegraphartcollective on Flickr

Ten types of bad bosses on

Calendar notebooks with a zipper pocket for stuffing all those papers and things you alway lose. From Well Appointed Desk

Office supplies are always in fashion. The Kate Spade zip pouch

Prove your love for the Office – make an office pumpkin with stencils

How to eat and not feel gross while traveling (these are great tips!) from the Road Warriorette

I love Duct Tape! and I love this duct tape garland even more

I’m tempted to make one of these switch plate planters from Ready Made. Next time they do an office remodel, don’t let them throw those away!

Easy way to make cute stamps – carve a pencil eraser! Here’s the tutorial

The best way I’ve seen to keep your business cards organized and easy to flip through! The Business Card Book from Erin zam

Make a snowglobe card for someone else! This is a great kid (or not kid) project

Dry-erase bamboo boards for your wall and desk! Talk about an eco-friendly idea. Check out all the sizes and buy them at Three by Three

The prettiest wall pockets I’ve ever seen! Found here, buy them here

Ever wonder what happens to that umbrella that has been ripped apart by the wind and is now lying in the street? I always do. Check this artist who reused them to create a beautiful canopy! From Recyclart

If you’re bored, try to beat this tower of office supplies!

Control the cords under your desk using a rain gutter! From Well Appointed Desk

How to mix textures and patterns from the

A new paper artist that I haven’t seen! See Nick Georgiou on Recyclart

Awesome office storage! From the same people that built – featured here)

Don’t feel bad for fast food workers. They’re not jealous of your job, according to Secretary 4 Life. (although I’m pretty sure I was jealous when I worked at Baskin Robbins)

A magical post-it love story from Bit Rebels

Steal office supplies, have a new hairstyle! Twitpic

Smythson has the most expensive office supplies I’ve ever seen. But that doesn’t stop me from loving this $475 Zip Around Writing Folder

Trash ties for your hair! Now that’s a funny use of supplies – buy at Heather Bailey

For someone who writes the most important things “to-do” on their hand, this to-do stamp is a dream. Found here

How to wear sequins at work from the cubiclechic blog!

Make an expandable folder from a cereal box! Tutorial from Cottage-Industrialist

Last of all, don’t forget to enter the Hello from the Crypt contest from Sharpie!

Man, you made it! Have a great weekend!