best of office weekend roundup 21

Get the Office ornaments on the NBC website, found at Office Tally

How to put on a bracelet using a paper clip! What a dream trick. Found at Life Hacker

Personal project about stop motion story. Everything is made of papers.

I’m not sure what gaffer tape is, but this is a story using gaffer tape on I Love Sticky Tape

Exciting news! Toilet paper without the tube! This seems like an exciting innovation for the toilet paper industry. Read more about it on USA Today

Made with packing tape, found here.

What if you had Connect 4 at your office? That would be awesome. From Office Snapshots

Use your business card for lots of different things! More on Art of Manliness

Make a custom notebook for yourself or your company on Brand Book

A campaign to get countries to stop treating journalists like chewed up pens. This is a very very good visual representation. See more pics here

Vintage Twitter = Post it Notes. Haha good joke

Make homemade wrapping paper, this is so cute! From Design*Sponge

Gel roller highlighters. I’ve never seen these! They look really cool. And Writers Bloc says that they don’t bleed through paper.

I wish I had Elmo working at my office – from Daily Elmo

Vintage Dixie Cups– I love the colors

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    I actually saw that tape portrait earlier — simply amazing! Some peoples’ creativity with office supplies just blows my mind.