best of office weekend roundup 27

Writing and drawing are really addicting – from I Love Doodle

Should employees be able to nap at work? Does it help? From the Mint Blog

Merry Christmas notebooks from Notebook Stories

Twas the Week Before Christmas (this is hilarious!!) On the Collared Sheep

How to pretend a task is a present. From Secretary4Life

Great use of masking tape, found here

Accountant Street Gangs, on Flickr

14 Holiday Songs recorded using only rubber bands. Hmm. Buy it on Amazon

Styrofoam cups have never looked so awesome – by Boey on the Sharpie Blog

Make quick cards using tons of the shiny little stars! You can buy them at any office supply store (or dollar store) and they look so shiny and pretty. From Dollar Store Crafts

Get the Twilight (??) nails using Hole Reinforcements! Learn how here

Paper Tatoos by Jacob Dahlstrup

(Found at the Collared Sheep)

Make a Post-it Note Rose! Found on Recyclart

Your new desk. From Freshome

I’m a #1 fan of the projects on Mini Eco – these are paper beads

Sewn Paper Garland, also on Mini Eco

Folded Paper Garland, also on Mini Eco (Did I mention I was a fan?)

How to avoid some of those awkward lines from your underwear – from A New Professional

Cute work outfit! From A New Professional

A water bottle christmas tree! From Recyclart

Happy New Year to you, your co-workers, and your family and friends! See you in 2011 :)

  • Grace

    Thanks Cara! I have to admit they are really fun to create. I started doing them because I had way way too much content for blog posts and needed a way to share all the cool “office-supply” related things out there. Thanks for reading!


  • You (whoever you are) have such a COOL job! I always enjoy these roundups!